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Our Italian Tradition

At Cacio e Pepe, every dish tells a story of Italian tradition and culinary passion. We’re in North Park. Our Bristo brings Italian flavors to your table with every delicious bite. We started with the aim of becoming a beacon of Italian dining excellence in San Diego. From the minute you step into the restaurant, you’re not just a guest – you’re family. Homemade food brings your taste buds to the heart of Italy.

A menu of passion with the finest ingredients is served with our house-made pasta and sauces. The extensive list of wine, craft cocktails, and beers gives a wonderful moment with any meal. Cozy & charming surroundings make every meal special here. Warm lighting and cozy interiors create an ambiance that makes every meal special here.

Chef Alberto Morreale

Alberto Morreale was born and raised in Palermo, Sicily. He loved cooking from a young age. He started his cooking journey at 14 by making delicious dishes for his family. Chef Morreale attended a top cooking school in Milan and learned from expert chefs. He also worked at Matahari Bistro and Vincenzo Trattoria in Northern Italy. In 1995, Morreale came to the United States and settled in sunny San Diego. He landed a job as a sous chef at Osteria Panevino, a famous restaurant. Here Morreale showed off his cooking skills and made a name for himself.
Morreale started his own restaurant Farmer’s Bottega In 2014. Morreale uses fresh, local ingredients to make delicious dishes that people love.
He always enjoys new things with food. He opened restaurants like Smokey & the Brisket, where you can enjoy smoky flavors. He also runs The Seventh House, a restaurant with unique and exciting dishes. When he’s not cooking, he rides off-road motorcycles or fixes old cars. Sicilian seafood is always his greatest joy.

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